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Symphonische Popsongs.

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1   Nothing in the Grey   5:06
2   The First Us   4:07
3   A Little More   3:44
4   End of the Tale   5:52
5   Stay Where You Are   5:01
6   If You’re a Prophet   4:21
7   I’m Still Here (feat. Luc Devens)   7:20
8   Hour Glass   4:34
9   We Don’t Know How to Sleep   8:39
10  One Life   6:48

Story Of D is an independent Vienna-based collective of instrumentalists and singers with different musical backgrounds founded by singer Denise Schrenzer and composer Florian C. Reithner.
Driven by the desire to make compelling music beyond conventional concepts, Denise and Florian realized soon that a traditional band would probably not do the job. They decided to establish a network of creative talents who would be involved in all aspects of music production, such as writing, recording, mixing and – ultimately – playing on stage. After completing the recording of their debut album dreams of bursting bubbles they were continuing to form a collective of musicians in order to focus creativity and talent on future projects. The idea of Story of D was born.

There is a wide variety of different instruments being used – from renaissance’s Viola da Gamba to today’s Electric Guitar. This allows multiple composing possibilities: contemporary pop music, film and media supporting scores but also larger scale theatre or opera productions. Story of D’s guiding principles are excellence in both performance and recording/editing as well as the remarkably open, trust-based relationship between all parties involved.

Denise Schrenzer and Florian C. Reithner first met in 2010. Driven by the desire to make compelling music beyond conventional concepts and genres, they started working on their debut record „dreams of bursting bubbles“.

All tracks composed, arranged and conducted by Florian C. Reithner

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